Splendor In The Bra Cups!

Katerina Hartlova & Klaudia Hot

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Splendor In The Bra Cups!

The legendary Czech superstar Katarina and the promising Hungarian newcomer Klaudia Hot give "Lucky" David (as we so dub him) the time of his life after Katarina feeds him grapes like a harem girl!! At a conservative estimate, there are probably about 1,000,000+ guys on Planet Earth who are envying David right now! Soon enough these two bombshells get out of their duds and start sharing the splendor within their pretty bra cups. Katarina sucks Klaudia’s 34Ds and David joins in; but then the femmes’ focus shifts to his cock, which is exceptionally privileged to travel not only into their lovely mouths, but also to their pussies and cleavage.

So much happens here! Katarina blows David. Then Katarina lays on a table and gets licked and fingered by David while Klaudia sucks Kat’s 34DDs. Then David fucks Katarina but Klaudia sucks his meat when he slides it out momentarily from Katarina’s quim. Katarina rides David’s dong cowgirl-style while Klaudia sucks her nips. Then David sucks Klaudia’s nubs while Katarina throats his pecker. She looks over at us, maybe to make sure we’re jacking off like crazy at her antics, especially when she starts tit-fucking this perfect example of Man In The Right Place At The Right Time!!

The threesome moves to the scarlet-carpeted floor, where Davey bangs Klaudia. Then Katarina sucks David to prepare his prick for some cowgirl action from Klaudia. The girls kiss as Katarina sits on David’s face as Klaudia fucks him. We get magnificent shots of Katarina’s tits as she presses them together between her upper arms as she holds Klaudia’s butt while the newcomer rides David. Katarina gets it doggie style a few moments later from the gent. See what we mean when we say “so much happens”? And of course it concludes with lots of cum between Kat’s cleavage, which Klaudia gets to play with. Phenomenal scene--don't miss it!!

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