Sensuous Signature

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Luba Love

Julio 18, 2014
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Sensuous Signature

Luba Love from the Russian Federation knows that a woman’s bra can be as important as her signature. We don’t mean legally important, but important as in giving a sense of who she is. Well, judging by the sensuous signature symbolized by the fabulously colorful black-and-red lacy flower-print boulder-holder Luba sports today, she is a vivacious and exciting lady who can take any breast-man on the ride of his life!

This curvy creature hefts her bells still in the bra, tantalizing us with her bountiful 34D cleavage, then she goes into many of the poses knockerphiles enjoy--like self-nipple-sucks, fists pressed into jugs, and swaying sideboob views during doggie style poses with bonus anal gaping!

Miss Love tugs on her nips, bites them, and even offers one up to us as a giant suckable cyclopean eye (you’ll know what we mean when you see the shot). This blonde loves to get playful and that includes cramming a big toy into her amazingly stretchable slot. So say hello to Luba Love and her big naturals!

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