Sweet Pancake Show

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LiLy Madison

Agosto 08, 2014
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Sweet Pancake Show

Here’s yet another tantalizing new addition to our ever-expanding roster of top international mammary stars. Lily Madison from the United Kingdom brings her big naturals to our site, superbly outfitted in a blue lace industrial strength boulder-holder and matching thong.

The curvaceous blonde temptress meets us in a doorway and immediately starts making us wild for her cleavage, which almost overflows the top of her bra cups and gets even more pronounced as she presses her globes together. Of course, the elegant contraption soon comes off so we can ogle her lovely bells in the altogether, two big love sacks with gigantic areolae surrounding her suckable nubs.

We get low angle shots looking up at her looming lovelies, and high angle views as she lays back for a particularly sweet pancake show. Lily throws in some nice spread shots as well, tugging on her flowery lips when she isn’t busy pressing her fists into her splendid knockers. Welcome aboard, Miss Lily!

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