Knocker Goddess

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Nessi Boob

Agosto 04, 2014
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Knocker Goddess

Check out newcomer to our site Nessi Boob! She’s waiting for you with her big natural boobs/naturals under the pergola in the DDF garden, arrayed in her black lace lingerie set and ankle strap heels.

Nessi Boob is a sturdy handful of a gal, full-breasted and statuesque, with an Amazonian aura to her. She’d look great shooting arrows or throwing spears at enemies in some kind of female warrior movie. But enough daydreams!! Let’s check out the reality...

She poses here on a stone table, showing us both her cleavage and her curves, then taking out those knockers so our lenses can feast on her big nipples, shaved quim, lush thighs and tantalizing tush. You’ll love the shots where she stands on the table like it’s a pedestal, displayed like a knocker goddess to be looked up to and worshipped.

But Nessi Boob assumes a wide-eyed, down-to-earth, innocent look in some shots, too; and then, when she lays on her back to pancake those paps for us, she’s suddenly got an almost hypnotic, sultry gaze.

So we’re talking versatility here, guys! We have the feeling we’ll be seeing a lot more of this brunette bombshell thanks to her arousing debut in a fine piece of big tits porn!

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