Mammary Delight

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Marina Visconti

Julio 30, 2014
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Mammary Delight

Marina Visconti is a very unconventional physician, and we bring you the proof today as she applies her Hippocratic Hooter Technique to put a smile on the face of depressed patient Choky Ice—as well as hardness in his schlong!

Yes, Marina Visconti, M.D. (Mammary Delight) opens up her uniform to display a shockingly red boulder-holder which immediately gets a rise out of her patient. The sight of her 34D cleavage obviously has an immediate rigidifying effect on his rod, as well as the rods of us onlookers in cyberland!

A scene like this lends itself to many daydreams! For example, if you like the cuckold concept, you can pretend Marina is your hard-working physician girlfriend or wife, and that she is letting her most attractive patient cram her clam and plow her knobs, not to mention stuffing her seat with his pulsing meat!

Or you’re more mainstream in your desires, let Choky simply be your proxy as he boffs this seductive Russian sawbones in cowgirl and doggie style, until he finally must unleash his sauce where it’ll do the most good for us admirers of big breast action: right between Marina’s glands, making her cleavage shimmer so becomingly with goo!

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