Nonstop Delight

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Marina Visconti

Enero 17, 2014
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Nonstop Delight

Heading into the weekend, we have a new solo of Marina Visconti, rapidly becoming one of your new faves at the site. Not only that, but she’s trying out life as a blonde now, too! Standing before us in her tight little top and animal print shorts, we can see her black and white lace brassiere peeking out of the decolletage--and we love the cute pink bow between the cups too. Just adds to the horny feeling of this new slice of big tits porn as Marina teases us with her cleavage before quickly peeling out of her duds so we can stare and drool over her 34D bells, so sweet and mouthwatering!! Taking off her panties until all she’s wearing are her pink peep toe pumps, the Russian lovely moves around on the bed, rubbing her nummies against the sheets and sliding her pink-polished fingertips into her pussy. Her shoes finally come off too, and we get to see her bare feet with her toenail polish matching her fingers! From toes to titties to the top of her head, Marina is a nonstop delight!

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