The Perfect Nurse

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Viola aka Annabelle

Enero 20, 2014
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The Perfect Nurse

Some university should do a study about whether the widespread disuse of traditionally feminine nurse uniforms and caps has hindered, rather than helped, the well-being of patients. Alas, it sometimes seems as if the only nurses anymore who dress in an eye-pleasing way are the ones in pornoland! So we can only hope that DDF Genital Hospital is on all our ever-changing healthcare plans, because you never know these days what medical providers you’ll be allowed to see!! ;) Case in point of the Perfect Nurse is Viola aka Annabelle today, who doesn’t have to use any instruments, syringes or pills, but just give us a few peeks of that mouthwatering 34D Latvian cleavage to get us feeling so much better fast!! Once she gets out of her uniform, the healthful effects of Nurse Viola’s approach will be even more obvious in her nude pics and Full HD video, as she first gives us a cleavage tease in her red bra, then takes off that garment (and the matching panties, too) to test our blood pressure by squeezing, hefting, swaying, licking and tweaking those gorgeously proud big natural boobs!! Who needs doctors when one look at this Perfect Nurse makes you feel in the pink??

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