Goddess In The Tub

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Karina Heart

Octubre 28, 2013
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Goddess In The Tub

Fan favorite Karina Heart is bathing today, slipping out of her red terrycloth robe to make our cocks tent in our shorts. Simple scenario but with Karina it’s like watching the Earth Goddess herself taking a wash! After she teases us a little with her cleavage peeking out of the folds of the robe, she gets her 34H-28-40 Czech bod naked and climbs into the tub. Oh dear, those big natural boobs are sensational as she leans over to give us side views of her beauties as she spritzes herself with the spray attachment, sending water all over her pale silver dollar nipples and down along her tummy. Lathering her jugs with creamy lotion, she adds a sensuous shine to her sacks, then hefts them over her wrists before rinsing off. Karina may be coy when it comes to showing her cunny--she still keeps that treasure hidden--but her gorgeous dimpled face and the bell-like splendor of her knockers as she leans over the edge of the tub will make you forget temporarily that such things as pussies need to be seen at all! To paraphrase a line from Shakespeare’s Hamlet, “Her boobs are the thing, wherein she will get our members a-squirting!”

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