The Word Is Wow!!

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Karina Heart

Julio 08, 2013
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The Word Is Wow!!

One of our members, apalmer, commented that Karina Heart reminds him of the actress Elizabeth Taylor, and when it comes to a heart-stopping face and carnal charisma, we have to agree! But Karina, as her new scene demonstrates, far outdoes La Liz in the big natural boobs department! Karina, clad in her gorgeous black and ivory lace bra and panty set, stretches out on a bed and gives us a cleavage tease par excellence. She presses her fists into her tits and you can FEEL the softness!! When she finally presents her fully naked nummies to us, she squeezes, lifts, pats, pinches, and tugs on those tasty 34H Czech ta-tas to get our testicles tightening for the big creamy spurts she so effortlessly inspires in her admirers worldwide. Then she gives us some nice butt glimpses before laying back to lather her lovelies with lotion until those gazongas gleam in the light. The operative word is WOW for Karina’s nude pics and Full HD video, a masterpiece of big tits porn!

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