Sled Down Her Mountains!

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Jasmine Black

Abril 05, 2013
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Sled Down Her Mountains!

Today Jasmine Black looks as if she’s ready for a trip up a snowy mountain...kind of! What we mean is, she's dressed a little skimpy if she’s going to be sledding down some powdery slopes!

On the other hand, we’d adore seeing her sled around in just her pink polka dot bra and panties, white scarf and cap, and snowboots! A little subzero temperature won’t hurt a Romanian hottie like Miss Black.

But before she hits the ice-dappled Alps, Jasmine poses for us, showing off that wonderfully mountainous cleavage she carries around, slipping it out of the cups and pushing it toward us with her upper arms. Damn, those nipples look inviting!

That pussy is a nice sight too, all wet and slick by the time she tugs aside the panties, ready for a couple of fingers to probe.

Meanwhile, we get lots of great shots of Jasmine’s jumbo jigglers as our DDF cameras capture her from different angles, looking up at her jutting jugs or looking down as they sway across her torso when she leans back in a perfect “come fuck my cleavage” pose. Jasmine presses her fists into her 34DDs, then lifts them up for a few licks and sucks.

But toward the end she comes back to giving us a vista from above, her nipples high above our faces as she looks down with a grin that says she’s ready to let us suck ‘em until everybody bursts! Let’s make her Model of the Day.

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