Frisky For Her Floppers!

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Abril 03, 2013
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Frisky For Her Floppers!

When a man gives an expensive gift to a woman, it can mean different things. It could be a sheer tribute to her beauty; or it could be bribery for some boob-diving!

We’ll let you decide what Mugur’s motivation is today as he presents an obviously impressive bottle of perfume to Sirale; but in any case, it works, because instantly she is letting him glom onto her 34F glands, which jut over the top of her red and black satin bustier. And only moments after his face is buried in her cleavage, she is down on the bed taking his root into her mouth, then rubbing it between her boobs with their seemingly ever-hard dark brown nipples.

Mugur fucks her spoon-style and we get to watch her bells slide and shift over her chest, then he leans over her and fucks her snatch while he bends down to nuzzle her knobs. Sirale blows him and then sits on his prick, which gives US in the audience the best opportunity to watch her knockers in unfettered action; then she gets back to blowing and tit-fucking him, before he decides he must take her in her asshole as well.

He plunges into her posterior, banging her bungie deep with short breaks to get more fellatio and tit-banging. And it’s between those mams that he finally decides to spray his stuff, a huge load of cum on her tits that leaves a happy gleam across her rack as she smiles in satisfaction as this frisky exercise in big breast sex comes to a close!

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