Her Breasty Bounty!

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Febrero 25, 2013
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Her Breasty Bounty!

Gentlemen, set your saliva glands to “drool” because you're gonna be doin' a lot of it once you feast your eyes upon this sensational American gal. Siri is gonna rock your world with her outstanding shelf immortalized splendidly for your pleasure as well as pornographic posterity by the masterful cameras of Denys DeFrancesco and his crews! Siri slides off her pink satin robe to reveal an incredible rack in her pink flowered and be-ribboned boulder-holder, using her arms to push up and emphasize her mountainous cleavage before slipping off that bra to unveil her bells in all their awesome allure. She smiles as we get stiff and light-headed at how she plays with her tits, squeezing, kneading, and lifting those glands which spill over her fingers. She has a rare inverted left nipple too, a delight to the cantaloupe connoisseur! Going into the shower, she wets her knockers and continues to rub and heft those hooters over her fingertips, pinching her nipples and playing with her trimmed but still hairy crotch too. Sitting down on the floor of the shower, she masturbates herself as we watch, her jugs shaking with her excitement as she grabs her tits in the naked delight of a woman who was blessed with nature’s breastiest bounty and makes the most of it!

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