Heartfelt Visit From A Fave!

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Febrero 15, 2013
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Heartfelt Visit From A Fave!

A quiet living room with soft afternoon light. What could possibly change this scene into a powerful vision of exciting sensuality that overwhelms our senses? One answer is definitely Sirale, that well-endowed sensation from the Czech Republic! We see her relaxing on the couch in her tight “wifebeater” style t-shirt and blue denim mini, through both of which her matching plaid bra and panties peek through. Sirale quickly takes us into the tease zone as she gets on her knees to let us see the fullness of her 34F cleavage hanging down, and as soon as she strips away her outer clothes, we are treated to those most excellent glands as they practically burst out of her boulder-holder. Sirale’s got great crinkly brown nipples, and she does a cool trick with them here, pushing them together to form a heart! Who says you can’t celebrate Valentine’s Day on February 15th, too? A visit to us from Sirale is a great Valentine for sure as she works a black toy between her bells and down into her pie, using it to do all the things we’d love to try with her! But as much as she bangs her gash with the gizmo, she keeps giving our cameras what counts the most: delectable views of those melons she is blessed with, squeezing them, letting them hang, and rubbing that toy inside her cleavage. You’ll be licking the screen by the time you get through this new scene with one of our faves!

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