Dressed For Our Date!

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Enero 25, 2013
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Dressed For Our Date!

There’s nothing quite as pleasurable like checking out fresh talent on our site, especially if it’s a gal who shows a lot of promise with her pretty face and a memorable figure with lotsa curves where we like ‘em! And so we introduce Chrissy to you, a dark-haired cutie who’s statuesque and stacked, with a sweetness about her face that can be very seductive indeed. You’ll love the casual way she’s dressed in a black camisole top, red skirt, and black ankle strap heels, with a beautiful necklace that dangles down her chest. She looks dressed like the girl next door for a date, a date with all of us, and that makes her even more alluring! Once she takes off her top and we see the red, silver, and black beads of her necklace dangling down into her deep ivory cleavage, well, all the blood goes from our brains to our boners! Chrissy does all the things we like to see once she unearths her gorgeous glands from her blue lace boulder-holder--licking her nips, fondling herself, and standing over us and looking down as we gaze upwards at her rack like hungry doggies just waiting for a treat from mama! As if this isn’t enough, Chrissy gives us a lotion show, creaming her boobs and tummy, before she gets down to some delightful spreading of her exciting thighs and pink snatch! We can’t wait to see Chrissy again!

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