Dancing For Our Sperm!

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Joanna Bliss

Diciembre 17, 2012
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Dancing For Our Sperm!

We have something unusual for you today as Joanna Bliss gives us a little action, music video style! First Joanna is in a short red jacket, spangly black miniskirt, and a black bra that holds up her 36H rack as she goes through some energetic moves. She gyrates and waves her arms up, but soon enough her bra comes down and we see those mouthwatering melons hanging free and swaying with her every gesture. She squeezes them together and lifts them up with her arms, presenting quite a stimulating display of her delectable dugs! Next, she appears in a blue romper with a pink fur hoodie. The lowcut front of the romper gives us some nice cleavage views, and then Joanna takes out her jugs again and lets them stand free. She keeps doing her dance moves, shaking her arms up and down, and squatting on her womanly thighs. Her tits look like two torpedos aimed right at us! Ka-boom, baby, ka-boom!!

Then the scene shifts and Joanna wears a filmy black nightie and thong. She keeps up with the dance moves even as we see her knockers swing back and forth under the transparent material. We get some more good cleavage shots, but then the nightie comes off so we can enjoy Joanna’s bells on the bare. She presses her pink-polished fingers over her tits and juts out her rack at us as our DDF cameras shoot upward.

Finally Joanna appears in a gray patterned dirndl-style top and pink panties. This off-the-shoulder fashion is particularly sexy with a gal of her glorious endowments, and she dances her way into our dreams with even more seductive images as the scene comes to a most arousing conclusion with her bare boobs aimed right at us, ready for our sperming!

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