Escenas : 44
  • oct 22, 1979
  • 34 años
  • Green
  • Red
  • 5'5" | 165cm
  • Romania
  • 36H | 80J
  • 27 | 69
  • 39 | 99
  • 7½ | 38
Romanian pornstar Joanna Bliss possesses one of the biggest busts measuring an impressive 36H in bra size. Because she is only 5 feet 5 inches tall it seems even more pronounced. Her skin is a lovely pale color and her eyes are also a very pale shade of green, almost looking hazel or amber depending on the lighting and angle.

DDF Busty was a natural place for her to show herself off and she really is highly rated by members. Her high definition scene called "All hands on cock, Captain Bliss" shows her playing in and around a pool while wearing a captains hat. Her hair is tinted a pretty red color and she is practically bursting from her bikini top. The fabric just doesn't seem designed to handle tits as big as hers and she relieves the strain by stripping her top off before long. At one point she climbs out of the pool and poses with her bare pussy and ass exposed proving that it's not all about the big tits.

Joanna is sometimes known as Kaly and she majored in Drama when she went to university. In addition to her acting skills she is a vegetarian and takes her workouts very seriously too.

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This woman was born to drive me nuts.

Anonymous, 2 meses atrás

Cup stretching, sweater wrecking, bra busting, top blowing, mellon blossoming, jugg overflowing, Joanna's hanging fruits are ripe to knead, her pacifiers are strawberries to suck, she is pant-tearingl...

Milkman, 1 año atrás

gorgeous , full bodied...

rempaler, 1 año atrás

joanna has a unique quality, very voluptous, and leaves you yearning for more

rempaler, 1 año atrás

her lastest (blue suit) is the sexiest I've seen on her

Anonymous, 1 año atrás


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